Bakery Café

Busy behind the counter at the bakery cafe

Our helpful staff working behind the counter at the Venables Uprising Bread Bakery Café

Our bakers start early (3am) and make everything from scratch. (None of that premixed “just add the eggs and water” stuff.) The muffins, scones and croissants are out of the ovens and into the store just as we open at 7am. Cookies, cakes, tarts and pies are soon making their way into our refrigerated and dry displays as a full-on coffee barista is creating latté magic. Let the day begin …


Avocado and Hummus Sandwiches are made fresh every day

Our sandwiches (avocado and hummus shown above) are made with our own bread every morning

Then there’s lunch … Our soups are made on site using our own stocks and fresh local produce when available. We make 3 different wraps and a variety of cold-cut and vegetarian sandwiches on our own breads; everything is ready to go – or sit down and stay awhile. There are salads as well as hot items like samosas and Jamaican patties. The outdoor patio is open whenever we are.


Uprising Breads Barista Farid

Farid, one of our baristas, working the UNIC Stella di Caffè

Our café provides full coffee service and professionally trained baristas. Coffee is provided by the local roaster Salt Spring Coffee Company.

Free coffee grounds

Did you know that used coffee grounds are great fertilizer? If you’d like coffee grounds for your garden, drop by our Bakery Café and pick some up.


Visit our cafe:

Uprising Breads at 1697 Venables in East Vancouver

1697 Venables in East Vancouver

Monday to Friday: 7am – 7pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7am – 6pm


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